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A web developer is the one who develops the web, i.e. from scratch until the website goes live. The web developer is the first field that was recognized when this web structure was started.

The web developer develops the website through multiple different coding languages like HTML, Java, PHP, .net, CSS, Python, etc. The primary role is to improve the inner stricture of the website for the outer display and navigation. Navigation plays a significant role in any website, and it is entirely designed and developed by the web developer. One more key skill required by the developer is data management. The entire data of the website is stored in with a complex hard-coding process into different web pages of the website by the web developer. Learning data management would help the developer to segregate and assign the data into distinct and specific departments for easy utilization of the same. Now-a -days, web developer also needs to learn WordPress along with other analytical skills for creating a user-friendly as well as crawler-friendly experience of the website.


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