Media.Net Review: First Alternative Ad Network For AdSense

Media.Net Review: First Alternative Ad Network For AdSense

You are planning to join right? And before that, you need to read the complete review. That’s why you are here!

Well, don’t worry, we will give you an unbiased review of the ad network called You know what, it’s the #2nd largest ad network company in the world! Pros

Dedicated Account ManagerCPM BasisLarge Advertiser PoolLive StatsContextual AdsVideo AdsDisplay AdsPayment Via PayPal or Wire Cons

Need Primary USA, UK, CA traffic$100 ThresholdRPM Can Be Vary

Why You Need To Read This Review?

Before trying the ads on your blog, you may want to check out how the system really works and will they really pay for the publishers. In this post, we will share the experience from our usage! Review and Earning Proof

At this time, don’t state any specific page views that required for approval Well, 3K+ page views will work better for you.

Contextual Ads

The best method to increase your revenue. If you don’t know what it is, let me explain you.

Think that you have a post about healthy foods and related things. For maximizing the revenue and clicks, will show ads related to the topic inside the post.

Video Ads

For monetizing videos, most folks will prefer YouTube. Well, the new YouTube policy update was a headache for all small publishers. Every publisher must complete 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in their YouTube channel for eligibility.

If you are running, you can monetize your videos using the video ads!

Display Ads

Just like Google AdSense and related ad networks, they have got display advertisements. diaplay advertising

Most folks will click on this ad, higher revenue.


Native Ads

They have native ads. It will definitely increase your overall earnings.

native ads in


Dedicated Account Manager

There are only a few ad networks offering a dedicated account manager for their program. is one of those. After getting approval, you will be assigned with a dedicated account rep.

You can get help from her/ him for your issues. Normally, they will reply to your queries within 1 2 or 24 hours. Also, if they are not responsive, simply change them.

CPM Basis

Some ad networks like Google AdSense, pay you for clicks. It’s known as CPC. CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

Here at, they are CPM model. CPM means Cost Per Mile. All you need to do is, generate more page views an impression.

They will pay you for every 1000 impressions. Typically, will allow you to place 3 ads on a single page. So if you have 1000 page views a day, you can simply generate 3000 impressions.

If you have an RPM of $5, you can earn around $15 from those impressions. For 500 impression, you will get $2.5 in your account.

Here is the catch.

RPM won’t be $5 all time. It can be higher or lower. In our case, we have got $21 as RPM on a day. If you are receiving majority traffic from premium countries, advertisers will bid more on your website. It will result in an increase in RPM.

Large Advertiser Pool

Too too many advertisers. They have got so many advertisers for each category. So no matter which category your blog is. always got you covered.

Live Stats Dashboard

Most advertising networks will not show your live stats. Here at, your dashboard will show the live stats.

. account dashboard


This is an awesome feature. In the graph, you can see your monthly/ yearly or daily report. It will be RPM and impressions stats.

Is a Google AdSense Alternative?

Our review looks good, right? Will we consider as a Google AdSense alternative?

For some folks, Google AdSense won’t perform well. They will always get low CPC, low RPM issues. For those, try In my personal experience, it is far better than AdSense.

One of my websites wasn’t making money from Google AdSense. I have tried so many ad placements, optimization, and technical stuff. With the same traffic, helped me to generate $500+ a month from the website.

Same amount of visitors, page views and no paid ads. So, we can say that it is one of the best alternatives for Google AdSense. You should consider running ads in your blog.

Apply For


Once you got approved, you can add ads inside your WordPress blog. For adding ads inside your WordPress blog, we recommend you using any ad inserter plugin like OIOpublisher or Advanced Ads or AdSanity.

We hope you found this review helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media. For more related posts, you may want to check out our blog section.

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