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As the name suggests, in simple words, the web designer is someone who designs the web. Web in earlier times was known as the internet where you could just get relevant information about your research.

 But, in today’s time, the web is everything you see online with the use of the internet. The role of a web designer was not identified in the first few years as there was no focus on creating a brand image, due to monopoly situations. Nowadays, as the businesses are growing in a competitive world, everyone wants a special touch of their brand on the website. At present, web designers play a huge role in creating an overall experience for the users who visit your website. The purpose of web designer was identified as to decrease the bounce-back rate of the audience, for once, if the user can get a smooth and hassle-free experience, which would allow them to stay back on the website and explore more business services. Web designers create a creative as well as user-friendly experience to improve the journey of the users on the client’s platform. 

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