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How to Create a Favicon and Apple Icon for your website

How to Create a Favicon and Apple Icon for your website

Since a few years ago, favicons which had lost much of their relevance have been resurrected since more and more browsers now support them, and in fact, make them a very visual part of their user's experience. Tablets and smartphone browsers also make use of these icons. This has led to an increased importance of having a good favicon. However, the ways these icons are presented vary according to the client browsing the website. Desktops require a certain icon, Apple devices require something different, different sizes also complicate matters. 

A simple solution -  Free Online Icon Generator for Apple and Favicon icons: is a simple solution which given a square JPG, GIF or PNG will generate an icon set of various sizes so that you can use and choose the ones you want to support on your website. You just then need to download the generated icons and embed into your website's code. You can integrate these steps into your web design process.

Embed the favicons icon(s) in your website

After having created the favicon.ico icon using above, and placing it in the root of your website add the following code between the


of your website


The Apple Icons

After having created the various icons using the above website, you will also have to include a slightly different code for Apple iPhone/iPad (and possibly Android) devices. Again upload the icon files generated to the root of your website and place the following code in between the HEAD tags.




iOS Devices will automatically handle this in their browser and resize and add some effects accordingly for it to match the styling of the device they are being seen on.

Icons for Android Devices

Android has built upon the Apple touch icons but expect the icons to be in their final version already. This final version is "PRECOMPOSED", and Android devices expect this tag to be in place. So upload new versions, with slightly different names (such as adding pre-composed in the name) and then add the following markup. The all important part is the rel=apple-touch-icon-precomposed. Put the files in the root of your website and add this code between the


tags of your html




More details on Favicons can be found on Wikepedia:

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